Air Medical Transport

Helicopters For Medical Transports

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Susan was going to the ATM at 11 PM at night when she was accosted by a robber, and she was robbed of her money, but not before the man shot her at point-blank range. Susan was shot in the head, but she was still alive and breathing. Someone who was close by saw what happened, and they called the police. Police and paramedics arrived on the scene within minutes, but then it was determined that her injuries were too severe, and she needed to be rushed to the hospital. In Susan’s case, a helicopter had to come and pick her up, in order to transport her to the nearest medical facility, which was too far away for the ambulance to bring her there in time, in order to save her life.

A helicopter can be a life-saving form of transportation, and it’s something that some patients may need, instead of using an ambulance.

Although an ambulance can help to save a person’s life, if they’ve had a life-threatening gunshot wound, several stab wounds, or any type of serious injury, sometimes, other transportation is needed. A helicopter is used to transport those who need medical attention within a short period of time. Since the helicopter was able to get Susan to the hospital, quicker than the ambulance could, it ended up saving her life.

Although no one ever wants to be in need of medical transportation, for emergency needs, a helicopter can actually save someone’s life. Helicopters are extremely fast, and those that need very quick medical attention can be brought to a facility, even one that’s far away, in a shorter period of time. If you estimate how long it would take an ambulance to get to a location, and you factor in traffic, as well as distance, it may take too long.

helicopterThe best benefits about a helicopter, is the fact that it’s in the air, and it goes above the traffic, and nothing will stop it, except for when it’s ready to land. A helicopter is much faster than any type of vehicle transportation, and even the furthest facility, will be reached quicker by helicopter, than by an ambulance. A helicopter that’s used for medical transportation, can also attend to the person’s medical needs, while they are being transported to an emergency medical facility.

In Susan’s case, if she had gone into cardiac arrest, if she began having seizures, or if her heart stopped, the medical personnel in the helicopter would be able to care for her. Not only are those who are transported by helicopters in good hands, but they’ll be able to get the surgery they need much quicker since the helicopter can get them to the hospital faster. Although a helicopter is not only for emergency services, it’s highly recommended for those who need to reach a hospital as quickly as possible, especially if it’s a life-and-death situation.

How To Get Transported In Non-Emergency Cases

ambulance vehicleMedical emergencies can be very scary, and they may have you rushing to the hospital when you are transporting someone. In the cases of non-emergency medical services, there are several ways to get a loved one to the facilities that they need to go to. Many companies have realized the need there is for the elderly who live alone, as well as those without transportation, to get to a medical facility. Not every city has buses or trains, in order to get persons to the medical facilities they need to go to.

Some people live in areas that have no form of public transportation, so they are in need of non-emergency transport to a hospital or medical facility. If you have a loved one that needs to be transported to a facility, then you can always hire a company that deals directly with non-emergency cases. Your loved one can be transported to any facility they need to go to, and then they can be brought back home, once they are finished with their medical exams. It’s also possible that you can have the transporters drop your family member off, and you can pick them up at a later time.

Transporting Medical Patients Long Distances

John has a wife who needs surgery, and after much anticipation, they have been cleared to have her receive the surgery, but the facility is 300 miles away. Since taking a flight to the facility was not an option for his wife, John opted to call a company, which can transport both of them to the medical facility. The reason that John chose a medical transportation service, is because they can medically care for his wife, while she is being transported to her final destination. He’s also able to be in the vehicle with her, in order to be emotionally supportive.

There are other ways to have someone transported to faraway medical facilities, even if the facility is hundreds of miles away. Although many would consider taking a plane, or a flight of some kind, in order to get to a facility, this may not work for someone with medical needs. Flying can make even the healthiest person sick, so it may not be a good idea, for someone who was already sick. It’s possible to hire a medical transportation company, who will transport a loved one to a faraway facility, and they can be medically cared for as well.