The Temptations are backstage. So is Stevie Wonder. Otis Redding, Sam Cooke and Al Green too. Seconds before show time, James Brown arrives in a cape of the finest black velvet. Quite a party you have here. The Duke Baxter Band has brought them all together for one night.

Soul music is party music. Plain and simple. Born in Detroit and Memphis in the 1960s, these timeless grooves have never lost their splendor. Now some 40 years later, five veterans of the New York City music scene have come together to play sweet soul music just for the thrill of it.

For any occasion, we will work with you to hand-pick a night's worth of classic soul gems. Our 'dukebox' is stocked with the finest soul singles. Smooth ballads, steamy love sermons and soul-stomping lightning rods. All killer... no filler. Nothing short of soul excellence. That's right, baby. Soul at your service.